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Working against discrimination and homophobia in the workplace

INTERVIEW: FEDUSA’s Social Policy Officer, Brenda Modise, speaks about the federation’s efforts to popularise its LGBTIQ+ resolution, as well as the lessons learned in promoting the rights of workers who are LGBTIQ+. The Labour Research Service supports the efforts of unions to negotiate for inclusivity and against discrimination.

Inflation Monitor | October 2021

The Consumer Price Index came out unchanged at 5% compared to September. Food and transport costs are the biggest contributors to the rate, with the transport index increasing by 10.9% in October 2021 compared with October 2020. And the SARB has raised its main lending rate by 25 basis points to 3.75%, meaning the prime lending rate of commercial banks will increase to 7.25%.

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Questions and answers about the national minimum wage review – An interview with Trenton Elsely, Commissioner, National Minimum Wage Commission

“The minimum wage is a victory for ultra-low wage workers. We have an established floor where there was none before, and we can raise that floor and ensure that no worker is left behind,” says Trenton Elsely, Commissioner, National Minimum Wage Commission.


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