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Resources for facilitators and trainers

Exercises and games activate our senses and increase creative learning of new concepts and understanding of ideas.

Who is it for?

Intended for facilitators and trainers involved in participatory education activities, this section presents a collection of exercises suitable for use by trade unions and any worker formation. The facilitation exercises offered form part of LRS online training. Note that some of the resources are not intended to stand on their own but offer guidelines for a person who is already involved in participatory training and facilitation.

Featured exercises

Trade unions and the struggle for gender justice

Reflection on our organisational policies and practices in relation to creating a gender-equitable trade union.

Bargaining with a gender equity lens

 Strengthening our understanding and confidence in bargaining with a gender equity lens.

Women trade union leadership

Participants feel comfortable, supported and confident in participating in the workshop.

Promoting online workers' education

International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations (IFWEA) Labour Online Academy enables global collaboration among education organisations and worker-educators to design and deliver courses for grassroots leaders of democratic worker organisations.

Facilitation exercises

Women contributing to the economy

Women feel more confident in participating in political economy discussions.

Gender equity and social dialogue

Strengthen our understanding of social dialogue in creating gender equity.

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