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LRS projects

Working with Teacher Unions to End School-Related Gender Based Violence

We support the struggle by trade unions to end school-related gender-based violence

Promoting Gender Equality in Southern Africa

We support trade union activists in creating cultures of gender equality in the trade union and workplace

Working Together with Communities to End Gender-Based Violence

We support the struggle by communities and activists to end gender-based violence in the society

Ending Gender-Based Violence In The Health Sector

We support the efforts of trade unions in the health sector to end gender-based violence in the health system

Shop stewards Alliance Support

We support Global Unions and their affiliates to strengthen their bargaining processes and build cross-border alliances.

Multinational Corporations Database

The South African Multinational Corporations (MNC) Database holds unique financial, operational and governance information relating to South African MNCs operating across Africa

Value Chains Capacity Building

We supported trade unions in ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa to renew their bargaining and organising strategies for tackling inequality in global value chains.

Decent Standard of Living Index for South Africa

What does a decent life look like in South Africa?

Creating safe and inclusive trade unions and workplaces free of homophobia

What will it take to build LGBT inclusive workplaces in South Africa?

National Minimum Wage Campaign

Although set far lower than a living wage, the national minimum wage is a meaningful development that raises the floor for many in South Africa’s ultra-low wage economy.