VIDEO: A day in the life of Volunteer Food Handler


VIDEO: A day in the life of Volunteer Food Handler

Experience a day in the life of Khuli Gumede, a Volunteer Food Handler with the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP), as she goes about her daily routine. Khuli is one of more than 60,000 Volunteer Food Handlers who prepare and serve meals to learners in the nutrition programme.

As we delve into Khuli’s journey, we uncover the realities faced by Volunteer Food Handlers. These remarkable individuals, predominantly women and mothers of the children in the schools they serve, have multifaceted lives beyond their role. Despite their significant contributions, Volunteer Food Handlers are often unseen, undervalued and unpaid as workers.

The work of Volunteer Food Handlers, who are predominantly women, is seen as an extension of the care work expected of them as women and mothers. With the support of the Labour Research Service, Volunteer Food Handlers are advocating for recognition of their work, recognition as workers and workers’ rights.


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