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Service: Transforming Corporate Governance

Transforming Corporate Governance Programme provides trade unions with company research and support that strengthens their bargaining and organising strategies, and capacities to build cross-border alliances and solidarity.
Transforming Corporate Governance Programme (TCG) provides the labour movement with strategic company research focused on South African multinational corporations operating in sub-Saharan Africa. The research relates directly to the workers’ own conditions of employment.

We enter regional, continental and international networks as a resource, but increasingly we are viewed as part of the global union networks, including multinational companies (MNCs) such as Shoprite/Checkers, Massmart/Walmart, Pick n Pay, AngloGold Ashanti, Rio Tinto, as well as the Southern African Energy Network. 

We share our information and research, and methods of creating, accessing and sharing information. Through the global union networks, unions with inadequate capacities are supported and helped to grow in the countries the MNCs operate.

Together with selected company networks, we’ve started exploring concepts of global value chains and how trade unions can renew their organising and bargaining strategies to tackle inequalities within and along value chains. 

TCG Programme maintains the South African Multinational Corporations (MNC) Database, which is a unique online resource for workers and their organisations. The MNC Database provides financial, operational and governance information on 91 South African MNCs operating in Africa. Using that information, unions are able to engage the companies at a strategic level.

Key programme contact: Dr Salomé Teuteberg