What’s really happening in the economy?

Trenton Elsely

What’s really happening in the economy?

The TIPS Real Economy Bulletin should be compulsory reading for trade unionists. This quarterly Bulletin takes the temperature of the broader economy and tells you about the relative performance of the main industries over time. This allows you to begin forming opinions of future developments in the economy and to counter unfounded claims that employers might make about the economy or their industry. The Bulletin often includes briefing notes which bring you up to speed on the state of play in selected sectors of the economy.

This edition for the first quarter of 2024 includes analysis of GDP growth, Employment. International trade, Investment and profitability, Foreign direct investment projects, and briefing notes on the structural crisis in steel and the renewable energy value chain in South Africa.

The TIPS Real Economy Bulletin (PDF)

The Real Economy Bulletin is a review of quarterly trends in the real economy along with analysis of the main manufacturing industries by Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS). TIPS is an independent, non-profit, economic research institution established in 1996 to support economic policy development.


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