Annual Report | 2021

Trenton Elsely

Annual Report | 2021

The Labour Research Service stands for the development of its member unions and the trade union movement in South Africa and in Africa.

The Labour Research Service stands for working class leaders, both formal and informal – the shop steward, the organiser, and the negotiator that seek to organise and represent workers in a world of work that has changed profoundly over time and which continues to change.

The Labour Research Service stands for worker leaders who are open to renewing their strategy and approaches to bargaining and organising.

The Labour Research Service stands for inspiring workers to believe in and exercise their individual and collective power in the struggle for social and economic justice.

The Labour Research Service provides research and capabilities development for trade unions in several different areas:

  • Grassroots leadership development and support
  • Collective bargaining and organising support
  • Building cultures of gender equality in the workplace and the union
  • Responding to gender-based violence in the workplace and communities
  • Supporting the development of regional trade union networks to challenge the power of multinational corporations
  • Delivering innovative online resources for worker leaders
  • Cultivating a community of activism and building alliances for positive social change
  • Engaging with trade in Africa

See our Annual Report and audited financial statements for 2021.

"Knowledge is too important to leave in the hands of the bosses."

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