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Project: Multinational Corporations Database

The South African Multinational Corporations (MNC) Database holds unique financial, operational and governance information relating to South African MNCs operating across Africa

The South African MNC Database is an online resource developed to support the efforts of worker organisations in influencing corporate governance. The database provides financial, operational and governance information on 91 South African MNCs operating across Africa. 

To ensure that the unions can engage companies on a strategic level, it's important for them to have a detailed understanding of the company itself - what some in the labour movement call strategic research. The research provides unions with an analysis of ownership and control, the form of corporate governance, the company finances, its specific operations and specific geographical spread, its suppliers and consumers and how the company is located in the sector. Our strategic research grounds unions' engagement in preparation for changing the company in a manner that incorporates workers' voices. Armed with the analysis, unions can also confidently form broader alliances with civil society to put further pressure on the company to conform to the international campaign for decent work for decent life.

We produce the Annual MNC Trend Report, as part of the project. The MNC Trend Report analyses relevant trends and reveals the wage gap between executives and workers.

Key contact: Dr Salomé Teuteberg

Email: [email protected]