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George Mthethwa

George Oupa Mthethwa

Collective bargaining Educator

About George:

I enjoy working with people, problem-solving, sharing ideas, travelling, and experiencing new opportunities and challenges.I can bake and cook up a storm, and I am a soccer, boxing, wrestling, chess, motor racing and cricket buff.

What I do at LRS:

I coordinate the Collective Bargaining Support Programme and Actual Wage Rates Database, AWARD.

I am very proud of the AWARD because it has a big impact on unions' collective bargaining. You might not know this, but the LRS created the AWARD quite early on when computers were very primitive. The database was in a computer box the size of four bricks - very heavy, and only five megabytes! Our founder, Gordon Young, was so pleased!

I also provide training and advice on collective bargaining and information management to trade unions. I believe in education that contributes to creating a just society.

I write for several LRS publications, including Inflation Monitor, Bargaining Benchmarks and Bargaining Indicators.

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