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Project: Shop stewards Alliance Support

We support Global Unions and their affiliates to strengthen their bargaining processes and build cross-border alliances.

The Shop Stewards Alliance Support Project supports Global Unions and their affiliates to strengthen and inform their bargaining processes and build alliances.

Through research and facilitation support in various Shop Stewards Alliances, including Pick n Pay, Shoprite/Checkers, Massmart/Walmart and the South African Energy Network (SAEN), unions learn more about how companies are performing, how much bosses earn, and the strategies for corporate, expansion and technology.

That kind of information is incredibly useful for union negotiators and can strengthen bargaining processes and improve overall outcomes for workers. The Shop Stewards Alliance meetings also provide an opportunity for unions to share experiences about the working conditions in their countries and the tactics used by company management to deny workers their demands and rights.

As part of the Shop Stewards Alliance Support, the LRS has developed an online database of collective bargaining agreements and global framework agreements known as AGREED. The database provides unions with the opportunity to learn from each other and strengthen their cross-border alliances. 

AGREED is a collaboration between TCG Programme and Collective Bargaining Support Programme. The growth of AGREED will support our future research and educational initiatives. 

Key project contactDr Salomé Teuteberg

Email: [email protected]