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Project: Decent Standard of Living Index for South Africa

What does a decent life look like in South Africa?
This is an ongoing project that seeks to determine what a decent living level should be through asking ordinary South Africans. In undertaking this work project partners, including Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII) and the Southern African Social Policy Research Institute (SASPRI), deliberately steered away from the minimalist poverty lines that have been used to design and evaluate anti-poverty programmes. This will enable the project goal of ensuring that people live the life of dignity and greater equality as guaranteed in the Constitution of South Africa.

Decent Income Standard

The DSLI SA project partners have been part of a pilot study to test the applicability of the “minimum income standard approach” to estimate the income required for a decent standard of living in middle income developing countries. The project involves South Africa and Mexico. The fieldwork for the South Africa pilot took place in Cape Town and the Eastern Cape, and a report is now available. The project partners are currently mapping the development of a full-scale DSLI project in South Africa. The work will not only define what constitutes a decent standard of living for South Africa, but also spur social dialogue and policy formulation around decent standard of living index. 

Visit www.dslnow.net to learn more about the research

Key project contact: Trenton Elsley